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Would you like to increase your vibration through Reiki Usui therapy?

reiki in liverpool

what is reiki?

It is a Japanese technique used to reduce stress, promoting our healing. It is a natural therapy that manages to balance and restore the 4 bodies: the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical by balancing our 7 main chakras, which are located from the base of the spine to the top of the head.

Rei means universal, it refers to the spiritual part. The spirit, the essence. It is in the Cosmos.

Ki is the individual life energy that surrounds our bodies, flowing and keeping our bodies alive.

That is why when this energy flows freely through our body we experience a feeling of well-being and harmony inside and outside of us.

Has it ever happened to you that sometimes for a period of time you are more apathetic, sad, dull or feel lazy to do anything for no apparent reason? That is because our life energy is not flowing as it should and our vibration is low. Reiki therapy helps us to keep our vibration high.

We have to be very careful because that is when illnesses appear.

Reiki therapy can be applied with the person in front of us or from a distance. It does not interfere with any other treatment as it is non-invasive. It is safe and effective.

It is suitable for all age groups, including animals. Reiki works very well with children as they do not have a preconceived idea of healing and are therefore very open to this type of therapy.

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Hello everybody! My name is Sandra Ortega. I am a Reiki Usui therapist.

Some time ago I wrote in one of my diaries:

“I want people to be happy.

I want to make the world happy.

And I have carried that sentence inside me ever since. That is the origin of my desire to bring a little bit of light into other people’s lives through Reiki therapy and personal development. ♥

benefits of reiki therapy


Reiki is for you whether you suffer from a physical, mental or emotional ailment, or simply as an alternative therapy to bring wellbeing into your daily life.


Sessions usually last about an hour. Before the session starts, we will talk for a while to get to know each other and put ourselves in context. At that time you can ask me any questions you may have. You will be fully clothed at all times, although you will be asked to remove your shoes and glasses.

During the treatment you will lie comfortably on a massage table, with relaxing music playing. The main thing is that you are as comfortable as possible. For the duration of the session you can choose to be quiet to really calm your mind and body, but I encourage you to speak up if you feel uncomfortable or need to ask any questions.

You may feel warmth, tingling or coolness as your body receives the Reiki energy. You may feel these sensations more in certain areas where more energy flows, or you may feel nothing at all, other than a deep sense of comfort and peace. You may even fall asleep.

Reiki is cumulative and even people who do not notice much the first time often have progressively deeper experiences if they continue. In addition to the immediate experience of Reiki, you may notice other changes that continue to develop as the day goes on: perhaps a stronger digestion, a feeling of being more focused and prepared and less reactive, and sleeping deeply that night.

Reiki is a beautiful way to raise your vibration, help your personal growth, and bring more peace and joy into your life.

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